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Since 1936, Bindicator has manufactured bin level indicators for the materials handling industry. Our products include point and continuous level indicators, diaphragm switches and inventory control systems.

K G Punched Grid Resistor

Punched Grid Resistors features an all welded current path for heavy duty applications. The units have been made robust, versatile and yet economical for use as starting or speed control resistors for complete range of AC and DC motors.

The alloy has a high specific resistance - about 120micro ohms cm. This results in 50% saving of the material by weight for the same value of resistance.

High current capacity up to 225A per bank without paralleling resistance banks.

Sufficient number of tappings to simplify the adjustment of resistance.

Resistors in enclosure with protection category IP33 or IP11 or higher.

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Conveyor Safety Equipment

The SRS Conveyor Cable Pull Switch is designed to provide a switching system to trip the conveyor and other necessary process equipment in the event of an emergency.

The SRT Conveyor Alignment Switch is designed to provide an alarm and trip contact in the event that the conveyor belt is not correctly positioned on the return roller.

The ED4000 Speed Switch/Monitor uses optocoupler and microprocessor technology to accurately measure rotational speed. The Speed Switch is directly coupled and has a maximum sensing range of 1~999 rpm.

The EDX10 Speed Switch uses optocoupler and microprocessor technology to accurately measure rotational speed. The Speed Switch is directly coupled and has a sensing range of 1~150 rpm.

The SRR Conveyor Rip Switch is a steel wire rope operated switch that detects a rip, tear or protrusion through a conveyor belt. The Rip Switch provides a means of automatic shutdown and alarm, to limit the damage to the belt.

Moflash Signalling Klaxon

Moflash Signalling is one of the largest manufacturers of signalling devices in Europe.

Based in Birmingham, England, the company has grown since 1997 with the introduction  of a number of new product lines and the acquisition of Klaxon the manufacturer of sirens, hooters and horns.


Moflash produces Incandescent Beacons, LED and Xenon Beacons as well as Rotating Beacons for which Moflash is world renowned. The audible product range includes Buzzers, Hooters, Sirens, Bells and electronic sounders.


Yaskawa variable speed drives were introduced to industry in 1984 and has become a product of choice for many. The products are synonymous with ease of installation and reliability. Yaskawa introduces Matrix converter technology that eliminates the DC Bus and offers cost saving features like power regeneration options.

NL 75 Earth Fault Relay

NL75 Earth Fault Relay. The family of earth fault relays were introduced to industry in 2002 and have since become the industry standard. Offering numerous setting options the relay can be applied to virtually any AC application.


NewElec is an expert South African designer and manufacturer of a wide range of superior electronic motor protection relays conforming to international specifications and standards. NewElec has for the past decades built a reputation of producing quality products and resolute customer service.


Kistler-Morse designs and manufactures bolt-on and load cell type weighing sensors that turn vessels into scales to provide total weighing solutions for bulk and in-process applications. It also provides controllers to create a full weighing system. Inventory management solutions are also available.


Niagara Meters manufacture a complete range of flow meters for liquid, gas and steam applications. Positive displacement, inferential, velocity and open cannel types of flow meters are available

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